• Bruiser Baits - Speed Spade

Bruiser Baits - Speed Spade

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Over the last year Bruiser Baits has been behind the scenes listening to anglers and staffers about what they liked in a speed worm, we wanted to design not just a hook tail on worm, we wanted to design something that was unique that served different presentations. The all new Bruiser Speed Spade for short the Bruiser SS does just that.  The SS is long, sleek, tough and has just the right gate to do what you want, bullet or belly weight it for subsurface action like no other bait the fish have ever seen, or turn the tail up and burn it upon top water, the sounds and water it moves is buzz bait like action from a plastic worm!!!  The Speed Spade’s unique tail was specifically designed to trigger reaction strikes that put big fish in the boat!!  The SS, like no other speed worm on the market, designed to DOMINATE!!

Size – 8.25″

Qty – 6 baits per bag